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January 15th, 2021

3 Best Ways to Improve Sex Communication

One thing that is common with us and (almost) every other species of animal is that we indulge in sexual activities. Although, one thing that separates us from other animal species is that we (humans) have sex for pleasure. And, not to forget that we communicate.

3 Best Ways to Improve Sex Communication

However, with that combination, we have the chance to utter the wrong words and miscommunicate or be at odds with each other. When we are unable to articulate our thoughts, concerns, likes, and dislikes, or desires, it can lead to couples having arguments, anxiety, panic, and dissatisfaction.

While talking about sex might not be that easy but is of paramount importance. Below are three things that one must consider which will improve sexual communication.


Non-verbal Sex Communication

It is as important as sex. To see how one’s partner responds to one’s touch is an example of non-verbal communication. Other ways one can communicate is by being receptive to their body language, movements, breathing, sighs, or moans. When one pays attention to their partner’s non-verbal cues it will lead to them becoming more receptive during sex.


Communicate - Say Yes To What You Like and No To What You Don’t

“Talk about fantasies. This kind of exploration will help a couple understand each other better, and eventually make themselves less fearful and more comfortable.”
Talk about fantasies. This kind of exploration will help a couple understand each other better, and eventually make themselves less fearful and more comfortable.

Communicating one’s sexual desires and interests to the respective partner is important. Talk to each other and get a better idea of what are some turn on’s and offs. And, ask them if they are willing to try something new like experimenting with condoms. For instance, do they want to switch the normal ones with stamina condoms?


Sex Communication Leads to More Comfort and Intimacy

Healthy sexual communication leads to partners feeling more comfortable and increase intimacy. And, as a result, one might feel closer than ever! Make sure when one tells you about something whether it's a certain kind of touch they don’t like; it is very important that you never cross that boundary. The partner should always feel heard and respected and when they start feeling like that it will develop a deeper bond. At the same time, it will help one understand the kind of sexual relationship one wants to have with the other person.

Final Note

Always remember that sex communication is a skill that requires constant practice and feedback. Initially one might find the style of communication a bit awkward but it will only help in the future. Remember to ask questions, get feedback, and learn more about each other’s histories.

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