3 Reasons why you should never reuse condoms

  • Published on October 28, 2021
  • 15 minutes read
3 Reasons why you should never reuse condoms

Condoms are used to avert unwanted pregnancies and other consequences including STDs and STIs while indulging in sexual intercourse. It acts as a barrier between people’s genitals while they have sex. However, along with protection, it contributes to making every lovemaking session more pleasurable. Flavoured, dotted, and ultrathin condoms, etc. are some of the most popular condoms available in the market.

But, “condoms cannot be reused or washed once utilised”.

Here are some potential reasons to answer why you should never put on a used condom.

The risk of exposure to STDs and STIs is higher

The basic purpose of condoms is to prevent the transmission of infections from one person to another. When you remove it after sex, you hold it at the base and tie it from the above. This is a precautionary measure to avoid spilling out fluids.

So, if you are planning to reuse that condom after washing it then you must understand the risk associated with it. This way you are endangering yourself and your partner to serious health complications like STDs.

Also, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) clearly states that people suffering from STDs and STIs should never reuse condoms to avoid transmission.

Fitting problems


Another reason to avoid reusing condom is the fitting issues. Putting on a reused condom may not fit properly as the lubrication is probably lost during the wash. In addition, wearing a too tight or loose condom may spill out the fluid during the intercourse which can cause infections.

Hence, to be secure, never try a used condom to save money or in the need of an hour. Moreover, always carry an extra pack of flavoured condoms to continue the elating experience with your partner.

Wear and tear

A condom that is used before is more likely to tear when used again. Condoms are made for one-time use and if you try to reuse them then there is a high chance of breaking them apart. The friction from sexual activity weakens them and makes them more vulnerable to break.

Furthermore, all the original lubes are mostly worn off the first time, leaving no scope for another session. Hence, it is advisable to not reuse condoms for your safety.

Bottom line

Apart from the above-mentioned points, diminishing effectiveness, unrolling, and fitting issues are also some important bases to not reuse condoms.

Always opt for new condoms to enjoy every intercourse without any mishaps. In addition, you can try different kinds of condoms in successive sessions to spice things up and fulfil each other's desires.

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