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April 9th, 2020

7 Bed Manners while having Sex

Sex is a fabulous, glorious, and magnificent feeling that has the power to lure you into the world of fantasies and adventures. Frankly, there’s no better feeling than having an explosive orgasm and then falling seamlessly into the arms of your partner.

7 Bed Manners while having Sex

However, when it comes to sex, there are certain rules that one must follow. Unfortunately, many of these codes of etiquettes have been forgotten or disregarded, causing one or both partners to experience disappointing sexual experiences.

In order to enjoy a seamless sexual experience, here are some rules and guidelines that you should be aware of:


Consent is everything

Sex is a wonderful act that should bring lots of happiness and pleasure. In addition, it should be an indulgence coated with consent only. When consent is practiced in a relationship, sexual life becomes a lot more juicier and sexier.


Foreplay, Foreplay, and Foreplay

“Take your time until you are ready to burst with adventure.”
Take your time until you are ready to burst with adventure.

When things get hot and sexy, it can be easier to go with the flow and move quickly to the climax. However, women require kissing, caressing, and hugging to create lubrication in the vagina. Therefore, slow down and take your time until you are ready to burst with adventure.


Tell her something nice after sex

After the act is over, remember to caress your woman and tell her something nice and delightful. Do not move away from your partner or rush to the bathroom to clean yourself.

Keep your phones away

An unexpected phone call or message can ruin the feel of an amazing lovemaking experience. Therefore, keep your phone in silent mode while making noises in the bedroom.

Hygiene first

Sexual hygiene plays an important role in enhancing your sexual experience. So make sure you trim your pubic hair, cut your nails, and bathe before you get into the bed.

Give and take

Sex is a two-way street, so being selfish isn’t going to bring anything good to the table. If your partner wants to take things smoothly, you should oblige. And if your partner wants to experiment such as try different flavours of condoms, indulge and enjoy your orgasmic experience!


Condoms should be an inevitable part of your sexual life. Never indulge in sex without a condom. These little sachets not only nullify the risks of unwanted pregnancy but also prevent you from STDs. When it comes to sex, always use condoms manufactured by the best condom brand in India.

Good bed manners can result in pleasure and contentment. Therefore, follow the above-mentioned etiquettes to experience the best sexual adventures of your life. Besides, you can also try different types of Manforce condoms for a more pleasurable sexual experience.

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