Are flavoured condoms safe to use?

  • Published on June 16, 2021
  • 15 minutes read
Are flavoured condoms safe to use?

Chocolate, strawberry, litchi, black grapes, hazelnut, cocktail strawberry, and vanilla —believe it or not, there are so many condom flavours that are available in the market.

A huge thanks to the flavoured condoms, the condom industry has now become more adventurous and creative. Needless to say, the people who are buying it aren’t any less adventurous themselves. If you are sexually active, you just might be a part of that adventurous clan, thanking the people who came up with flavoured condoms.

Below are some tips on how to use a flavoured condom for oral sex:

  • Always wear a condom that fits right because if it is too big or too small, it could leak or break.
  • Make sure to check the expiration date on the condom and don’t wear it if the wrapper is torn or damaged. Keep an eye out for any obvious problems such as tiny holes or stiffness.
  • Make sure to use a fresh condom every time you have sex. Even when you are switching from oral sex to another type of penetration, before reaching completion make sure to wear a new condom.
  • Only opt for condom-safe lubricants. Even natural lubricants such as olive oil can cause latex condoms to break and increase the risk of getting pregnant or contracting an STI.
  • Moreover, if you have a latex allergy, make sure to check the package before buying it.

The question arises - What is the use of flavoured condoms and are they safe?

flavoured condoms
"As per the advisory is given by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), sexually transmitted infections (STIs) like HPV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and even HIV can spread through oral sex."

And, in order to protect yourself from the aforementioned STIs, you should use a flavoured condom. Furthermore, according to the CDC’s data, 85% of sexually active adults engage in oral sex but only about 2% were reported using condoms.

Moreover, flavoured condoms can easily mask the odour of the latex used to create condoms. Not just that, but it makes oral sex 10 times more enjoyable and also helps reduce the risk of getting sexually transmitted infections and diseases.

Wrap Up

Be it oral or penetrative sex- without the protection, it is a risky matter. Thus, using a condom while you are at it is non-negotiable.

Although, if you like to spice things up and add a dash of flavour while indulging in oral sex, then you should opt for Manforce flavoured condoms. However, make sure to keep another condom handy, so that you can change into it before kick-starting penetrative sex.

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