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August 18th, 2022

4 Bad Habits That Can Ruin Your Married Sex Life

Are you feeling distant from your spouse? Ever thought of the reason behind it? We know married life has its ups and downs. And, stagnancy is also a part of it where you notice a lack of connection or even demolished sexual relationship.

4 Bad Habits That Can Ruin Your Married Sex Life

This is common for couples to encounter such changes over time. Fortunately, these can be resolved or even prevented by following some simple yet effective tips. This may include incorporating different types of condoms and sex positions, listening to groovy music, dressing to impress, talking, etc.

However, identifying the problems is a must to look for their solutions. To help you realise the same, we have created a list of bad habits that can ruin your sex life. Read on to get better insights about the same.


Avoiding intimate moments

Being moody is not prohibited. But, avoiding sensuousness or not even initiating it can be a big turn-off in your relationship.

You can’t expect a potted plant to be cheerful and survive without nutrients in the corner for long. Similarly, you cannot ignore your and your partner’s needs frequently. Prioritise intimate moments with your partner by having a secret sex calendar. You can even set a reminder for yourself to give time to your beloved.

Your attitude and actions are enough to make your marriage a success.


Addiction to technology

“Addiction to anything is bad but devices are detestable for a sexual relationship”
Addiction to anything is bad but devices are detestable for a sexual relationship

Addiction to any level of social media, work, movies, etc., can affect your intimacy and adrenaline rush. Your addiction can easily become the third wheel in your relationship. Hence, it is better to stop and value people. Your timely attention can make a lot of difference in having a satisfying sex life.

Remember determination is the key to recovering your game and leading in the upcoming time.


Overlooking little things

Everyone wants to listen to the words of affirmation and see the actions denoting closeness and assistance. Your partner must also crave it.

However, if you want to fulfil those needs but sometimes miss them due to your busy schedules, swoop for the opportunity to pay a sincere compliment. For instance, you are in the middle of your quality time and your partner is giving lovely gestures until they have urgent work to attend to.

During such times, don’t ignore the importance of those lovey-dovey moments and feelings. Value your partner’s love and affection and give them time.

The success of your married sex life is in your hands. You and your partner both are the pillars of an engaging relationship. So, don’t fret and make sure to not indulge in the above-mentioned practices. If you do, try to overcome them.

Sit and talk about it with your spouse and plan a date night to resolve the issues and enter into the main event with the best-selling condoms in India by Manforce.

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