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January 29th, 2019

3 Ways to have a Crazy Car Sex with Latex Condoms

You must have often imagined car sex with all the windows up and the hand of your partner running down the fogged up window, while enjoying the adventurous ride of orgasmland. 

3 Ways to have a Crazy Car Sex with Latex Condoms

Having crazy sex in the car is a desire that often remains unfulfilled for many people. However, everyone deserves at least one encounter of car sex with latex condoms in his/her life.

Sex in a car is the most thrilling experience for building your sexual relationship. But, it can be risky as you might get caught and land into legal trouble. So if it is something you want to try, then get ready to do some experiments. The old car parked in your garage can prove to be perfect for your adventure as it will provide a vintage twist to your sexual encounter. Here are a few tips to make your car sex hotter and wilder:


Preparations for the adventurous ride

Before anything else, you better clean your old car as your partner would not want to have sex in a dirty car. Preparing your car isn’t just about cleaning, you have to set the mood as well. Make sure your playlist is sensuous enough to build your mood. Most importantly, you and your lover should be on the same page. If your partner is not sure about this, talk and tell him/her that how novel and exciting the experience would be.


Your car is full of kinky things

“Enjoy your naughtiness and let him guess your moves”
Enjoy your naughtiness and let him guess your moves

Your car is already equipped with wild and sexy accessories which can make your partner go crazy in anticipation. Make your partner sit in the passenger seat and put the seatbelt into place. Bind him to the headrest with whatever you have around such as scarf, your top or bra. You can also cover his eyes with sunglasses or handkerchief to restrict his vision. Enjoy your naughtiness and let him guess your moves. Furthermore, staying up in the front seat is sexy as it offers the feeling of something forbidden and helps in building the perfect mood for the ultimate action. However, if you don’t want this action to end, hop in the back seat of your car to have more room to explore each other and have fun. You can try different sex positions and use Manforce 3 in 1 condoms to enjoy a more pleasurable sexual experience.


Cover up your seats

Make sure you have a few necessary items in the car such as tissues or wet wipes. Cover your seats with a blanket, towel or even your shirt. It will prevent your buttocks from sticking. Also, you wouldn’t have to clean your car when you are done.

Going wild while having sex in the car can be the most adventurous experience. Besides, you’ll never look at your old car in the same way again. Be experimentative in your sex life and enjoy it to the fullest Manforce ribbed condoms.

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