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February 7th, 2019

3 Kinky Ways to celebrate your Valentine’s Day with Ultra Thin Condoms

Valentine’s Day is the day of celebration and glorification of love. Love isn’t just about reaching your ultimate destination, it’s about the path, the speed breakers, and the journey which make your ride worthwhile.

3 Kinky Ways to celebrate your Valentine’s Day with Ultra Thin Condoms

Undoubtedly, it is said to be the most romantic day of the year. However, flowers and chocolates have now become things of the past. There are many other exciting things which can spice up your Valentine’s Day.


Set the stage on fire with sexy lingerie

Lingerie shopping is the sexiest thing you can do. These shops are tempting sinful places where a mere act of walking in with your lover and searching for numerous options of silk and lace is like foreplay. Go for lingerie shopping together and make it a memorable experience. After shopping crazy, sexy lingerie, you can head back to your home for some real stage show. Have your partner tied to a chair or bed while you tease him by putting on a fashion show. Refrain him from touching or kissing you. Give him the visual treat he deserves, which will leave him with a hangover of your hotness. Take your hotness to another level with Manforce ultra-thin condoms. 


Bring your hidden fantasies into reality

“Transform your bedroom into a scene and use all your imagination”
Transform your bedroom into a scene and use all your imagination

Acting out different role plays is like petrol in the fire of love. It is a perfect way to turn your night into an erotic novel. You can play a doctor/patient, cop/criminal, king/queen, ghost/human, painter/subject, favorite superhero, wild animal, etc. Buy respective costumes to get into the character, transform your bedroom into a scene and use all your imagination. You can also take help of the props to set your mood. Blindfold your partner to show him/her as to who’s got more sexy moves and add a power dynamic. Blindfolding is the way to integrate sensory deprivation into play. You can plan all your ways beforehand to tease and tantalize your partner when his/her eyes are covered.


Delaying orgasms

Orgasm is a delightful explosion whose sparks are like the twinkling stars. It provides a heightened state of happiness and satisfaction. But if one partner reaches the climax before the other, things would wrap up quickly. Edging or delaying orgasm can be an exciting way to extend the fun. Once you and your partner come close to an orgasm, stop the penetration. Then after a pause, resume the stimulation. Simply pausing before the climax makes things more exciting and dynamic. By the time you both finally reach the climax, the sexual tension would be so high that the resulting orgasm will be Valentine’s Day worthy.

Let the fun of your Valentine’s Day last longer with the best long lasting condoms in India. Be happier! Be sexier! Be kinkier!

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