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December 20th, 2018

5 Ways to Enjoy Christmas sex with Ribbed Condoms

Christmas is around the corner, and here’s your chance to spice up your sex life. The Christmas season is all about joy, happiness and love, but often in the madness of meeting friends and family, your closest relationship with your partner suffers.

5 Ways to Enjoy Christmas sex with Ribbed Condoms

During winters, the urge to get warm from the heat of your partner’s body increases. Therefore, don’t miss the opportunity of some adult mischief with Manforce ribbed condoms.



Christmas is the time of celebration and new beginnings. You have done numerous things for your partner and also received the same in return. Start your new beginning by making a conscious effort to let your partner know how much you appreciate what he/she does. This appreciation towards your partner makes him/her feel valued and this results in nurturing the bond of togetherness.


Fulfill the Fantasies of your Santa

“Whisper your dark fantasies into the ears of your partner”
Whisper your dark fantasies into the ears of your partner

After your passionate kiss under the mistletoe, you should whisper your secret dark fantasies into the ears of your partner. Start your game of erotic dreams by wearing the costume of Santa. Later, reward your Santa for his/her hard efforts with pleasure condoms.


Naughty Gifts

Add a special touch to your Christmas morning with an erotic surprise of stocking filler for your partner. Give him the sensation of pleasure every morning while providing a gift pack of ribbed condoms, which are designed to maximize your pleasure. These condoms are an effective way of spicing up your lovemaking sessions.

Sex Carols

Make some joyful and moaning noises in the bedroom with this creative position. Make your partner stand behind you as you bend over in front of him. As your partner enters you from behind, position your hands on the floor in front of you, while your partner seizes you by your hips to lift both your legs in the air. Enjoy her musical moaning with each thrust and make your Christmas more exciting.

Grab a Chance

With the Christmas festivities all around, your days will be packed with family dinners and parties. With all the hustle and bustle, it’s difficult to take time out for your partner and get intimate with one another. Therefore, try to get intimate whenever possible. Have a quick sexy ride of pleasure before your parents or friends arrive. There’s more fun in being in the fear of getting caught, which makes everything more exciting.

From wearing Santa costumes in the bedroom to making passionate love in different places, let the Christmas celebration give a whole new dimension to your sex life.

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