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February 14th, 2021

Come and explore different flavors of love with Manforce Condoms

The season of love is finally back! We all know it's Valentine's day on the 14th of February, but did you know that we celebrate National Condom day on the 13th of February? Well, it can be our little secret.

Come and explore different flavors of love with Manforce Condoms

In honor of love, safe sex, and expanding our sexual taste buds, let’s give normal and not-so-fun condoms a rest and switch it up with Manforce flavored condoms. This valentine’s, surprise your partner with different flavors of love.

Now, if you are wondering why you should opt for flavored condoms, then sit back because we are about to spill some beans.

With changing times, things and opinions are evolving. The art of lovemaking has seen transformations over the years and why should condoms be left behind? Nowadays, you can go buy different flavored condoms such as chocolate, strawberry, litchi, black grapes, hazelnut, cocktail strawberry and vanilla, and so on so forth.

Condoms are an important accessory while having sex, it helps protect you from STDs and avoid unexpected pregnancy. Moreover, condoms should be used at all times, irrespective of sex or oral sex. And maybe you have already reached the saturation point with using traditional condoms. So how about adding some flavor to it? You never know, flavored condoms might just revolutionize how you have sex.


But why use them?

Well, the answer to the questions is simple. It makes the sexual experience even more vibrant and fun. The condom industry has been trying to reinvent itself for many years so that you can enjoy the act even more. Introducing flavored condoms to the market is one way of doing so. You can easily find them online or at a drug store.


Take your oral game to next level


This is one of the primary reasons why condoms have flavor. An unflavoured condom might not taste great, whereas Manforce condom flavors are mindfully designed to improve oral sex. Now, what is oral sex? It is an important part of foreplay when you try to stimulate different parts of your partner’s body with your mouth, lips, and tongue. While men enjoy it but for women, it can be a turnoff, and that’s exactly why we need flavored condoms.


It's more than just taste

Many think that why condoms have flavor is because they provide taste. Although taste is key while having oral sex, but the smell is another benefit that comes with it. For some, the smell of genitals can be a mood spoiler. The fragrance of flavored condoms can help disguise it.

So, what are you waiting for? #BringBackTheFlavours to your Valentine’s day with Manforce Condoms.

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