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June 6th, 2019

The Battle of Pleasure: Different Flavors of Condoms

Life is a mixture of all sorts of flavors wherein sex can be your favorite one. Without it, your life may become banal and discordant.

The Battle of Pleasure: Different Flavors of Condoms
Sex is the union of two bodies which demands experimentation with different flavors of condoms for heightened pleasure. Condoms not only prevent a man’s sperms from invading into the vagina but can also take your act of ecstasy to another level.
There are a variety of flavors for different levels of sex which can make you travel into the unknown lands of love. 


Wild sex is a fiery approach to enhance your sex life. It is all about passionate thrusts, sizzling chemistry and noisy pleasures. For wild gameplay, couples are relying on their strength and aggression to shake up their sex skills. The mere thrill of the act is what makes this so interesting and captivating.
You can always use the below-mentioned flavors to fulfil your wildest fantasies:
  • Chocolate - Indulge yourself in the game of sinful lust with chocolate flavored condoms.
  • Strawberry - Seduce your partner with some juicy explosion. 
  • Black grapes – This sweet & sour flavored condom is perfect for your wild encounters.


“Passionate kisses, slow and deep thrusts, and intense eye contact.”
Passionate kisses, slow and deep thrusts, and intense eye contact.
Intimate sex is a gentler approach. It is more focused on emotional connect than physical aggression. This kind of sex involves passionate kisses, slow and deep thrusts, and intense eye contact which induces the feelings of intimacy and instils a sense of belonging.
You can bring your partner even closer by trying out these flavors:
  • Hazelnut – Go nutty with this buttery, sweet and crunchy condom.
  • Banana – His banana tastes more delicious with this condom.
  • Jasmine – The classic fragrance for the classic love.
  • Pink – Let the bubbles of your fantasies fly with pink flavored condom.

Power House

Sex marathons are meant for passionate lovers who are mad for each other. Prolonged sex extravaganza requires extreme preparation, endurance, and hydration. These sweaty sessions make you attain the state of nirvana.
Stamina is all you need for powerful performances:
  • Stamina Pineapple – Give your partner a topical treat with stamina pineapple flavored condom.
  • Stamina Orange - Make your marathon long-lasting with stamina orange flavored condom


Experimentation is the essence of having satisfying sex. It involves trying out new and unusual things for reaching new heights of pleasure. From whipping out handcuffs to exploring mysteries of BDSM, being experimentative is all you need to have a memorable experience.
You can be your kinkiest ever with these flavored condoms:
  • Strawberry & Vanilla – A fusion that sweetens your romance.
  • Chocolate & Hazelnut - Chocolate & hazelnut flavored condom is perfect for a cocktail of lust and madness.
  • Musk - For those who were born for large desires.
  • Exotic – Keep it sweaty with an exotic flavored condom.
  • Litchi - Get creative and adventurous with litchi flavored condom.
Gran your partner and explore your favorite level of sex with Manforce flavored condoms which can blow your mind. So, are you now ready for the battle of pleasure?
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