Do adults need to re-educate themselves about sex and pleasure?

  • Published on April 28, 2021
  • 15 minutes read
Do adults need to re-educate themselves about sex and pleasure?

Sex is a taboo subject in many cultures, especially in India. A subject that revolves around sex is not freely discussed or encouraged. At the most, friends might discuss their sexual experiences and fears in private.

However, this conspiracy of silence around sex causes several problems - people have many doubts and questions, but they fear voicing their concerns. This leads to untrue and confusing notions regarding sex, that start from adolescence and are carried well into your adult life.

You should have a look at the ‘sexpert’ column and will be astonished at the kinds of queries people have regarding their body, sexual orientation, urges, and so on. Once done, it will become crystal clear that many people in our country are clueless about sex and needs education in that realm.

Now, if you are wondering how can sex education help adults, then read on.

Women can have healthy notions regarding sex

In a country like ours, we are conditioned to believe that women do not, and should not, initiate sex. It is instilled in our minds that women who have a liking for sex or who have more knowledge about sex as the subject than a man, are considered as ‘loose’ women. Unfortunately, there are several women out there who harbour the same beliefs- hence causing them to suppress their needs. At the same time, both sexes should be informed about consent and marital rape.

It will help you understand your body better

sexual parts

“You might think that you know your body, but you will be surprised by how much you still need to learn about anatomies of your sexual parts.”

Many women are still not sure about where their cervix is, why they get their periods, and how to calculate fertile days in the month, etc. And, with boys, they are confused about why they can’t get multiple orgasms unlike women and what virginity truly means.

It will help you enjoy sex even more

Once you are more aware of your body and how it functions, it will lead you to enjoy the act even more. Sex is a reality in our lives, and it is beautiful and rewarding. The more you are informed about sex and how to have it safely, the more gratifying your sex life can turn out to be. You can learn the different ways to enjoy sex and give pleasure to your partner by using flavoured condoms, and understand the significance of setting boundaries.


With the right information, you will understand the full potential of sex and how it is a shared experience between people. And, re-educating or educating yourself a little will never hurt but only enhance your experience.

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