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April 12th, 2017

How do women really feel about erotica?

When it comes to visual erotica, there tends to be a major misconception floating around that women hate it— that women think it’s sleazy (sometimes), it’s raunchy (often), it’s not realistic (ok, fine). 

How do women really feel about erotica?

But how do women really feel about erotica? The facts: Not only do women watch them but they are actually enjoying it. Here are few tips from the biggest condom brand in India, on enjoying erotica with your partner.

Play It Safe


Get a video that’s couple’s oriented. Stay away from titles like “Ass Destroyer 2” or anything that might make your partner uncomfortable. Read the description; look for one that’ll have love scenes and definitely pick something she’s comfortable with or she’ll be too shy to enjoy it.


Focus On Her

When watching visual erotica, look at your woman. Tell her she’s beautiful and sexy. Make her feel good about herself. If you focus on her even with all those naked girls on screen, you’ll really make her feel special and help her get into it.


Start Slowly

“Remember at the beginning of the relationship when all you did was make out?”
Remember at the beginning of the relationship when all you did was make out?

That still turns the women on. Start out slowly by kissing her; touch her back and her hair—all those small things that makes a girl hornier. Use some of our products which are easily available in our online condom store.


Go For It

You’ve got your girl wound up and ready to get hot and heavy, so do something about it. Women aren’t all about love and romance they’re kinky, too. She’s obviously ready to play so throw her around a bit. Pick her up and slam her against the wall. Take advantage of the kinky atmosphere and make it as intense as possible. Make it an experience she’ll never forget. For some extra spice rip open a packet of the Manforce chocolate flavoured condom.

Make Her Feel Like a Star

Compliment her at the end. Tell her “you’re my own little porn star” and that she performs better than the girls on the video. If you make her feel like she performed better than ever, and you delivered one of the hottest performances she’s ever had, she’s bound to pick up a movie herself and give it to you!

Don’t Underestimate Written Erotica

If she’s still uncomfortable with visual erotica, a sure shot would be reading some written erotica together. Women tend to be more comfortable reading porn rather than watching them. A few books you can read together are – Story of the Eye by Georges Bataille, Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller, The Story of O by Pauline Réage and of course 50 Shades of Grey.

For some more bonus points, check out our online condom store and you’ll find a plethora of our products, from best-selling ribbed condoms to exiciting flavoured condoms.

Now that you have some of the best advice, the rest is up to you. You can either make it an awkward viewing experience or a memorable one that’ll keep her coming back for more. So God-speed, and remember: the couple that watches visual erotica together stays together.

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