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March 19th, 2019

How to celebrate her Birthday with Stamina Condoms?

Her birthday is special because the beloved star of your life was born on this day. Birthdays bring along a bundle of surprises and truckloads of love. It’s about adding one more year of memories.

How to celebrate her Birthday with Stamina Condoms?

Gone are the days when gifting your partner was a surefire way of winning her heart. It is imperative to celebrate her birthday in the most unexpected way. You have to think about innovative ways to woo her and make her feel special.

Here are some ways which can help you to make her birthday remarkably awesome:



Give her the feel of classic romantic times by writing her a love letter. The charm of handwritten letters always remains intact. Write her a beautiful letter full of intense emotions, telling her in detail why you love her so much. Tell her about the first time you saw her and how her gorgeous eyes did the trick. Make her believe that her laughter fills your life with happiness. If you want to make it naughty, you can be more open about the different ways you want to have her and how you’re dying to execute all your wild fantasies. Don’t forget to post the letter and send it in an old mail style; via postman.


Give her all of you

“Wrap yourself as a gift by taking a ribbon and tie around you.”
Wrap yourself as a gift by taking a ribbon and tie around you.

What could be more romantic and erotic than gifting her ‘You’. Instead of buying her fancy things, give her “all of you”. Surprise her with your new avatar, maybe a new makeover which she suggested some time back. Wrap yourself as a gift by taking a ribbon and tie around you. Wait to see the surprised look on her face. Tell her she can do whatever she desires with you and that you will be there for her for the rest of your life and in all the times of need.


Escape to a Far-far Land

Far away from work and people, book a cottage to enjoy some undivided attention and love. You can decorate the place with her favorite flowers and aromatic candles, or you can go beyond that by giving it a vintage look or her favorite book theme. This will swipe her off her feet. Moreover, a bottle of wine is perfect for the occasion. Start your escapade with a wine kiss and some dance moves. Lift her up in your arms and gently place her on the bed. Appreciate her naked beauty and gift her the best escapade of her life with Manforce stamina condoms, which are one of the best condoms in India.

She is the melody of your cacophonous life. Make her feel special throughout the year, but especially on her birthday. Celebrate her birthday with stamina condoms and add another special day to her life. 

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