How to put on a condom correctly?

  • Published on August 31, 2021
  • 15 minutes read
How to put on a condom correctly?

A condom is a contraceptive that is made up of very fine latex or polyurethane depending upon the kind and purpose of use. There are many types of condoms available such as pleasure, flavoured, dotted condoms etc. But all these condoms play a definite role to protect and reduce the risk of - pregnancy or getting sexually transmitted infections and diseases.

However, it is important to wear condoms carefully, as it is a fairly common issue among people and prevent it from breaking before and during their intercourse. And, you might not want to commit the same mistakes as others and spoil your happy and adventurous mood. So, here are some important safety steps to keep in mind while putting on and taking off a condom properly.

Step -1 Check the expiration of the condom

Yes, the common and utmost required step to perform before purchasing a condom is to check the expiry date mentioned on the packet itself. As even the best selling condoms after expiration will fail to provide sexual benefits and can interrupt your pleasure in between.

Step -2 Wear a condom and get ready for action

Wear a condom and get ready for action
"Engaging and intense sex requires a perfectly fitted condom."

To achieve this, identify the right direction to unroll the condom for the proper fitting. Place it on the head of the erect penis and roll it down. Make sure to spare some space between the head of the penis and the pointy tip of the condom(receptor) and squeeze a little to free the extra air. In addition, you should remember to cosily fit the condom without any loose fittings.

Step -3 Look out for any hole or damage

Avoid using a condom that has no resistance to air from inside. Also, be careful with your sharp nails, jewellery while opening the packet as it may get torn or damaged.

Step 4- What to do when the condom slips off or rolls back up

In the situations where you find the condom slipping off or rolling back up. You need not panic and just roll it down or take out the penis and use a fresh condom again while you are still erect.

If the condom is out of use then simply replace it with the new one.

Step 5- Disposing of the condom

When you are finished having sex, take off the condom carefully just in time before your penis becomes soft. This step is essential to discard the used condom safely without slipping off the fluids. Remember to not dispose of the condom in the toilet as it can block the pipes. Throw it in the dustbin after wrapping it in the tissue paper.

Wrap up

The aforementioned points are some crucial steps to keep in mind while wearing a condom perfectly. Just make sure to follow them correctly to prevent any unwanted consequences. If you are confused, which condom to buy that will meet your desired expectations, you can trust pleasure condoms by Manforce Condoms. These are specially designed to make you feel elated throughout the sex.

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