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November 27th, 2018

How to Spend your Perfect Evening?

A surprise, whether in the form of spending quality time with your lover or gifting them their favorite things, can break the monotony of any relationship. A perfect evening at home might be your gateway to the ecstasy land.

How to Spend your Perfect Evening?

You can keep it simple or make it like a picturesque dream by spending on some extravagances that help you execute your plan. Take out time from your busy schedule for your lover to show them how much they mean to you. The below mentioned tips will help you plan your memorable evening for the special one so that you can surprise them with your perennial love.


Romantic Candlelight Dinner

It is a popular way of connecting the dots of your love life. You can cook your lover’s favorite food and decorate the table beautifully with scented candles and flowers. For creating the perfect ambience, you can surprise your lover with rose petals at the entrance as a welcome gift. You can also dim the lights for a romantic feeling. Place chocolates and strawberries at different places for after dinner coziness which can act as a catalyst in creating your mood and bringing you closer to your partner. Try using different flavored condoms to keep the aura of the night intact.


Lose yourself in the magic of stars and moon

“Let the magic of stars and moon bring you closer”
Let the magic of stars and moon bring you closer

This is a great idea to enjoy your evening during spring and summer time. You can lie together on the carpet and gaze at the sky; let the magic of the stars and moon bring you closer. You can cherish the moment that it’s just you two together at this very moment in this big world. To enhance your experience, play some slow music and hold your lover in your arms and move together. 


Power of Massage

A good massage can be a treat for your lover. An affectionate touch can generate good energy through your bodies and helps in building an intimate bond that can heal anything. Set up your bedroom with romantic lighting and music. Make sure you have massage oils available for a better experience as they play integral role in maintaining healthy relationships and sexual satisfaction. You can always enjoy your after massage sex with Manforce latex condoms.

A lovely bath together

You can plan a shower or bathtub romance for your evening as the highlight event of the day. You can take it slow by lathering up each other with shower gel and then moving onto other playful moments. Also, foreplay plays an important part in bringing you closer to each other. Following this is the best time to have a great sexual encounter and try different positions

Keeping these tips in mind can help you spend quality time with your partner, which may lead to a memorable evening full of sweet and naughty surprises. 

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