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November 27th, 2020

5 Interesting Facts about Sex that might Blow your Mind

Sex is often the key to a happy and healthy relationship. It is pleasurable, enjoyable, and perhaps the most important element of our lives. However, there’s a lot more to sex than meets the eye.

5 Interesting Facts about Sex that might Blow your Mind

While we may think that we know everything about sex, sex experts believe that most people are uninformed about most of the facts related to sex. Sex is not just a three-letter word, its connection with our mental and physical health is quite deep.

Here are some interesting facts about sex that might blow your mind:


Sex can be great after a workout session

Having sex post a workout session can provide you an exemplary experience. This is because working out results in the release of testosterone in your body and increased blood circulation in your genital area. It can not only boost your sex drive but also improve your self-esteem.


Condoms can do wonders for your sex life

“Make your lovemaking sessions thrilling and long-lasting.”
Make your lovemaking sessions thrilling and long-lasting.

Gone are the days when condoms were only used to prevent sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy. In addition to providing enhanced protection, modern-day condoms are manufactured to improve people’s sex lives. For instance, Manforce stamina condoms contain benzocaine oil and 576 dots and are specifically designed to provide you a new thrilling sexual experience.


The ideal duration of sex is 13 minutes

While we all want our sexual acts to last for hours, the desired ideal time for penetrative sex is anywhere between 7 to 13 minutes. However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot improve your performance. Eating healthy, exercising regularly, meditating to relieve stress, etc. are all great ways of improving your act between the sheets.

Women orgasm faster through masturbation than intercourse

This fact may come as a big surprise for many people. Studies suggest that women generally orgasm in around 4-5 minutes through masturbation but it can take them anywhere between 10-20 minutes to orgasm through intercourse, depending upon how turned on they are.

Sex can be a light exercise

Although it can never be a replacement for regular exercise, researchers claim that rigorous sex can help people burn around 5 calories per minute. So you can burn up to 65 calories during the act if you’re able to match the ideal sex duration.

Sex is one of the most fascinating experiences in life. The more you learn and openly talk about it with your partner, the better will be your sex life. So work on it, explore new opportunities, and enjoy the numerous benefits that intense lovemaking offers.

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