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August 17th, 2016

10 Moves to Get Her Into The Mood

Let’s just get this out of the way – men are easily aroused. But, we can’t say the same thing about women, they won’t get aroused by mere one-liners or even a wink. 

10 Moves to Get Her Into The Mood

Keeping this in mind, here are 10 tips or moves by Manforce Condoms, one of the premium condom brands in India that can help you get her in the mood.

And, before you start following these tips, here’s a small tip that’ll take your love making to a whole new level – carry flavoured condoms with you by the best condoms in India, Manforce Condoms.



A great way to start getting her in the mood is playing with her hair. Light kissing and running your fingers through her hair will surely set the mood for something naughty later.



“Not all women like to be wild, they do love their man being gentle.”
Not all women like to be wild, they do love their man being gentle.

 You don’t need to be aggressive to bring out passion, being gentle can work in your favour too. We hope that we were able to impart some knowledge so that you can drive her wild. For that added effect you can try out Manforce ribbed condoms and dotted condoms. For many more tips and tricks and a perfect guide – follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.



It’s not only men that enjoy dirty talk, women do too. Tell them what you want to do next, let them know what you love about them and a different pleasurable conversation will surely follow.


Remember to hold their hands up high as you explore their body. Take your time and hold her close to you so that she feels your heartbeat pacing just like hers.


Let your tongue do the talking this time. Explore every inch of her body as you lightly leave a tingling sensation with each lick. Pro Tip: The Neck is a favourable area.


Don’t Bite. Nibble! As you move in and around her neck, start nibbling at a tortoise’s pace. Nibble her ears, her neck and little nibbling on her body will also work wonders.


Foreplay doesn’t necessarily need to be timed. Don’t finish too late neither too early. Take your time. She isn’t running away and neither are you so let the foreplay last as long as you feel it has to.


Now some of you may not agree but food can play a vital role in turning a woman on. We’re not talking about a buffet but some whipped cream and chocolate syrup can sweeten things up.


Playing dress up isn’t for kids anymore. A fireman, a sexy doctor or even a bulky gym instructor would work very well. Maybe even Luke Skywalker – whatever floats your boat.


Don’t remain in the same place. You have the entire house to yourselves. Hop from the kitchen to the dining table to the sofa to the floor to the garden to…….you get the point. Change is definitely good.

Disclaimer This blog solely intended for the educational/informational/awareness purposes and is not a substitute for any professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please consult your doctor/healthcare professional before acting on the information provided on the blog. Reliance on any or all information provided in the blog, is solely at your own risk and responsibility. Mankind Pharma Limited shall not be held liable, in any circumstance whatsoever.

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