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December 15th, 2022

Raise the bar of hotness this winter with these sexy moves

Winter is one of the best seasons to turn things on.

When you want to experience the most sizzling, passionate and coziest moments with your partner, having them under a blanket, beside you for a cuddle is an effective way to intensify things for an amazing lovemaking session.

Raise the bar of hotness this winter with these sexy moves

However, winter sex is not limited to warming up under the sheets, there are many sexy moves you can bring into play for increasing the bar of hotness this cold season.

So why wait? Get on with us on the ride to scout different ways of reigniting that blazing heat of desires between each other.


Build intimacy

Foreplay has the power to make a lovemaking session long-lasting and pleasurable. It involves sensual touches, cuddling, kissing and hugging. To make it enticing, some couples also integrate flavoured condoms with foreplay. They choose the most favourable and delectable flavours like chocolate, orange, litchi, etc, to soothe their taste buds while turning them on for a better orgasm.

Hence, you can also consider having foreplay before the main event to explore different sides of your partner this winter!


Rethink sex positions

“Cosy sex positions can be your sexy move for seduction”
Cosy sex positions can be your sexy move for seduction

Sex positions are an integral part of intercourse. And, experimenting with them to ease mundane routines is the best way to attract your partner and have satisfying sexual intercourse. To beat monotony, bring in some thrilling sex positions into the lovemaking session. This may include spooning, side-by-side, cowgirl, the yab-yum, etc.

Make your every sexual intercourse an enticing one in the cold season with these sex positions and achieve that big ‘O’ moment easily.


Bathe together

If you want to feel the sensation of your partner’s body, why not have a hot shower in winter to get closer to them? Sounds interesting, right? Try it and you will be stunned to experience some high-level intensifying feelings towards your beloved.

Some couples even try sex positions in the shower to increase hotness. But, be sure to be careful and use dotted condoms from a reputed brand like Manforce Condoms for protection and a magical experience.

Wrap up

Sex can be as intriguing and joyous in winter as in other seasons. Just the right set of tips are to be followed for sensational and hot dates. Furthermore, considering the above-mentioned can be helpful in spicing up things in the winter season and discovering a whole new definition of love with your partner.

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