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January 12th, 2022

Scheduling Sex? Here Are The Best Tips To Make It Hotter

Creating a calendar for sexual activities may not sound interesting. But, it may be just the thing you require to prioritise romance with your partner. Besides, when talking about relationships, sometimes hectic schedules can get in the way. Long working hours may take priority over relationship goals. As a result, your sex life takes a hit.

Scheduling Sex? Here Are The Best Tips To Make It Hotter

During such times, along with incorporating various sex positions and using best-selling condoms, you must schedule sex. It will help manage your daily activities and plan out lovemaking sessions beforehand to continue living the best sex life. In addition, there are a plethora of things to try for turning these sessions into more engaging and pleasurable intercourses. So, why wait? It's time to have a little organisation of main events to get full benefits of sex life and make every session exotic than ever.

Amazing tips and tricks to make scheduled sex more exciting and pleasurable.


Convert anticipation into emotional foreplay

Remember sex is not a chore or obligation. You are planning sex because you love it and want to have more. Plus, it relaxes and pleases you after busy schedules. Hence, don't let yourself fall into the trap of believing that exhilarating sex has to be spontaneous. Instead, planned lovemaking sessions provide you ample time for emotional foreplay and to hold the climax for a better sexual experience. You can also bring along flavoured condoms to add magic to your sessions.


Take it somewhere new and introduce sex toys

“Experimenting new things is the key to leading a pleasurable sex life”
Experimenting new things is the key to leading a pleasurable sex life

Scheduling sex doesn’t have to mean telling your partner where you are going to take it down. Keep it a surprise. Your partner will be amazed when you reveal the destination of the sexual intercourse. In addition, this will maintain the curiosity, excitement and engaging level between you two. Go to a hotel, on a vacation or scout new places at home. Just keep experimenting with new places to spice things up. Furthermore, you can incorporate sex toys if you haven't before. They will help keep things fun and fresh. Also, it can be a pretty big turn on for your partner.


Take it slow

Another effective way to make schedule sex hotter than ever is to take things slow. No need to rush during the sex date. Take time to undress each other, draw a bath, or maybe start with a massage to set the mood. Be playful with each other. Leave all distractions behind to enjoy every moment. Intensify things slowly when entering into the main event. And, get your bodies to remember good feelings for better arousal during sexual intercourse.

Furthermore, dressing to impress, setting an intention and not a goal and decorating the place beautifully are other ways to build the intimacy during scheduled sex. Likewise, keep an extra pack of exclusive 3 in 1 condom to raise the bar of the sessions. You can get more information by exploring the website of Manforce Condoms to not compromise on your safety and fun.

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