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July 21st, 2022

Sex from afar: How to keep things seductive in a long-distance relationship

Who doesn't want to have a rocking long-distance relationship? Having all the fun and sexy bond with your partner from afar is definitely one of the most desirable things among couples.

Sex from afar: How to keep things seductive in a long-distance relationship

However, maintaining a long-distance relationship can be hard as your partner is not that physically close to you. Well, guys and girls, who said physical intimacy is the only way to maintain a sexual relationship? There are a lot of things which you can do with your partner from a distance to bring seductiveness and pleasure into your relationship.

So how about you try these below-mentioned tips to embrace your long-distance relationship?


Plan visits or trips

Always have something to look forward to! Schedule visits whenever you get time. Even surprise visits can be planned. Include your partner’s favourite items such as food items, some sexy fashionable clothes, and preferred condoms to get them moody. However, make sure that your partner is free to give you desired attention.


Sharing fantasies

“Ignite romance by considering some phone sex”
Ignite romance by considering some phone sex

Getting techy is the key to maintaining a long-distance sexual relationship. Master sexting or video calling to keep things exciting and hot between you and your partner. Talk about your fantasies such as which type of condom thrills you a lot, be it flavoured, dotted or lubricated condom and sex toys, etc. Ask your partner to visualize simultaneously for a better experience and connection.


Consider love letters

Sex are all familiar nowadays. So, why not try some old-school romantic gestures to spice things up between you two? Love letters touch the heart of a person. Conveying your desires, love and how much you miss each other through letters is just an amazing feeling to cherish for a long time. Those words mean a lot in increasing pleasure and realizing each other’s importance in your lives.

Consider writing every now and then to create a strong and exhilarating sexual relationship.

Personalize each other’s bedroom

Well, something as tiny as this can actually work wonders in your long-distance sexual relationship. Whenever you visit, leave something memorable like your clothes and photos, etc., at your partner’s place. You can even personalize their bedroom as a way to let them miss you or bring a big smile to their face.

Furthermore, talk about your next sexy time together to build up excitement and craze. Here, you can discuss the place you want to visit, which hotel to book, and what things to pack including your favourite flavoured or dotted condoms as per your needs and desires.

Manforce Condoms offer a variety of condoms for different occasions and purposes. From lubricated, 3 in 1, flavoured, dotted to ribbed condoms, they have every type for you to play exotically.

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