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May 1st, 2019

I think I am in love – 5 Signs that Indicate Love at First Sight

If you’ve ever locked eyes with someone and had a feeling of rising, falling, melting, and clotting into that very moment of ecstasy, then you’ve probably been attacked by the arrow of ‘love at first sight’.

I think I am in love – 5 Signs that Indicate Love at First Sight

Falling in love, especially at first sight, is a magical and intriguing phenomenon. When you meet ‘the one’ of your life, your brain starts creating dopamine and serotonin. These chemicals elicit feelings similar to that of a state of euphoria, resulting in an instant attachment to that special someone.

However, if your emotions are exploding lately, then the below-mentioned signs can help you figure out whether you’ve been attacked by love at first sight or not:


Eyes on that special someone

Once the initial electricity of attraction is felt, especially on both sides, you might begin exchanging prolonged glances. These glances indicate the perceived level of care and trustworthiness before even saying a word, which often results in good compatibility. Moreover, your eyes twinkle like a star whenever that special person is around you.


Fluttering of butterflies

“Love at first sight can give you the most powerful butterflies of your life”
Love at first sight can give you the most powerful butterflies of your life

Setting eyes on someone triggers the feeling of butterflies fluttering in your stomach. This butterfly effect is caused by the adrenaline rush in your body. However, the adrenaline may release anytime whenever that special someone comes a bit too close or almost touches you. And if it’s really love at first sight, then you may also experience the most powerful butterflies of your life.


Have we met before?

Sometimes, you meet someone and feel an immense connection, as if you’ve found a lost piece of your soul. This could be a sign of love at first sight. There is an instant chemistry that makes you feel that that person is destined for you.

That person occupies your mind

If you’ve already been stung by the bug of love at first sight, then surely you’ll be thinking of that special someone almost all the time. Your mind will keep on wandering and it will keep creating numerous possibilities of meeting and romancing with that person. Besides, you will want to hear from that person and want him/her to be around all the time.

That person is attractive in every way

Not just physical attraction, it’s the attraction at multiple levels that makes you fall in love with a person. You’ll want to appreciate everything about that person. Also, you’ll find that special someone cute, sexy, hot, and beautiful - all in one.

Love at first sight is indeed a magical feeling wherein you’re always surrounded by meaningful signs. Therefore, take notice, embrace the beauty of love at first sight, and try taking your relationship to the next level with Manforce condoms.

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