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February 20th, 2020

6 Signs your Man loves having Sex with you

Though sex is all about the discovery of delights, it becomes more passionate and intimate when it is driven by love, passion, and emotions.

6 Signs your Man loves having Sex with you

When it comes to sex, men prefer actions over words. However, this behaviour may sometimes make their women doubt their own moves and lovemaking skills. In a relationship, it is extremely important for women to know that their partner feels happy and sexually satisfied.

So ladies, here are some signs which can tell you that your man loves having sex with you:


He plants kisses all over your body

When a man loves his woman, he not only plants kisses on her lips but also on her temples, tummy, neck, cheeks, and hands. If your man gives you long, lingering kisses all over your body during foreplay, then he wants to show you that he’s into you, totally.


He loves going down into your den

“If your man likes to wander in your den, you’re special in his eyes.”
If your man likes to wander in your den, you’re special in his eyes.

Men don’t prefer going down on every woman they meet. So if your man likes to wander in your den, he not only enjoys having sex with you but you are also pretty special in his eyes.


He keeps you close after sex

While there are some men who leave as soon as the sex is done, there are others who want to just snuggle after the wild session. If your man cuddles with you after sex, it means that he wants to keep you safe and protected in his arms.

He shares his sexual fantasies

For a man, revealing sexual fantasies to his partner requires deep trust and understanding. If your man discusses his sexual fantasies with you, it means he finds you worthy of fulfilling all his wild desires.

He likes his woman-on-top

If your man allows you to come on top of him, it means that he loves the sight of you playing cowgirl on his saddle. For him, pleasing you is of utmost importance as this position allows you to achieve multiple orgasms.

He creates a romantic atmosphere

When your man truly loves you, he takes his time to discover what turns you on. If your man does special things to set a romantic mood before a passionate night, then he surely loves having sex with you.

When your man truly desires you, you can see it clearly through his actions. So when in doubt, you should carefully observe his actions to discover his true feelings. Moreover, you can also gift him a pack of Manforce flavoured condoms or pleasure condoms in order to see the spark and excitement in his eyes.

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