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June 27th, 2019

Break Up or Fix it: 4 Signs your Relationship isn’t Working

Human beings crave for companionship; a person to share life with, a person to love and to be loved by, and a person who is present in all good, bad, and ugly times. 

Break Up or Fix it: 4 Signs your Relationship isn’t Working

When you first meet someone, there’s all glitters and butterflies around you. However, a true relationship is a combination of both smooth and rough phases. There are certain issues in a relationship that are bond breakers and make you question yourself, ‘should I break up or should I give it another shot?’ Well, there’s no universal answer to it.

Below are a few common signs which indicate that your relationship isn’t working and how you can fix things for the better:


Lack of Trust

Trust is the foundation stone for any healthy, romantic, and functional relationship. While it takes several months to build trust in a relationship, it takes only a few minutes to destroy it. Since trust glues your relationship together, without it, there’s no promise of staying together for a long time. If you’re thinking of giving a second chance to your relationship, then start building trust in small ways - be honest about everything, be willing to forgive, share personal things, etc.


Mediocre Sex Life

“Boredom is inescapable in a long-term relationship, especially when it comes to sex”
Boredom is inescapable in a long-term relationship, especially when it comes to sex

In order to enjoy great sex, you both should be on the same page. Though it is easy to succumb to the routine, you should try new things in the bedroom to bring back the lost spark in your relationship. This can be anything, from sharing your sexual fantasies to experimenting with BDSM. For your sexual relationship to blossom, you both need to be pleasing each other. You can also fire up your sex life with different types of Manforce condoms.


Negative vibes

Rough phases are inevitable, but your relationship shouldn’t make you feel angry, stuck, insecure, or confused. Though life is unfair, your relationship shouldn’t be. You should support each other in the darkest times and bring positive energy in each other’s life.

Always Trying to Change Each Other

When one partner tries to change the other partner in a relationship, it places stress on many levels. Besides, it can also cause resentment. In order to save your dying relationship, it is extremely important to understand that you both are different beings. Hence, you should accept things the way they are rather than constantly trying to change each other. Allow your partner to be himself/herself.

When two people are in a committed relationship, there can be bumps, misunderstandings and conflicts. But this is all acceptable as long as both partners are determined to make the relationship work.

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