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April 11th, 2018

Slow & Steady Wins the Race

Here are a few awesome sex positions Manforce, the best condom brand in India, suggest you try the next time you’re taking it slow.

Slow & Steady Wins the Race

Sure fast and furious sex can be really hot, however, going nice and slow can be even better.


Saucy Spoons

Lie on your side with her in front of you so you’re both facing the same direction. Grab her butt towards you as you enter her. Slowly put your hand on her belly and guide them to the clitoris. You can alternate between her clitoris and her breasts.


The Tight Squeeze

“Lay your partner down on her stomach and, keeping her legs straight, spread them slightly. ”
Lay your partner down on her stomach and, keeping her legs straight, spread them slightly.

Hold her hands out in front of her. Stretch your body over hers, resting on your elbows so you don’t place all your weight on her. Then position your legs outside her legs. As you enter her, have her close her legs and cross them at the ankles. For that extra bit of spice, use our dotted condom and watch her blow her mind.


The Fantastic Rocking Horse

Any position where you are looking directly at your partner will be extra passionate. Have her straddle you in a kneeling position, then start a slow rhythmic (not fast and furious) riding movement. Alternate with kissing her and fondling her breasts.

Let her feel you breathing on her lips. You can even bite her nipples or neck softly as you clasp her hips. It’s about you both getting your breathing to be in sync too. Keep you bodies close together. Not only will you get a total eyeful, but also there is maximum clitoris action and a great angle for her G spot.

The Nirvana

It wouldn’t be a romantic sex position round-up without mentioning the missionary position would it?

This is the favorite position of many a couple – easy, intimate and sexy.

All you have to do is have her lie on her back with you on top, straddle your legs on either side of her body. You can thrust away now. Run your fingers through her hair as you kiss. Gently run your fingers all over her body for the sexiest sensations.

You should also have a look at the wide variety of products from our online condoms store. They will definitely help you take your lovemaking to a whole new level.

The Padlock

Now we’re getting into more adventurous territory so make sure you have a sink, chair or kitchen surface ready for this. Hold your partner as if she’s just jumped into his arms. You can be on a chair or edge of the bed.

With her legs wrapped around your waist and her arms around your neck, this loving position is conducive to slow movements, passionate kisses and romantic swaying.

You can put your hands on her butt, lift her up as she thrusts her hips up and down. It allows her to be sensual and also naughty, as she can choose to whisper dirty words into his ear, being naughty whilst romantic to help both reach climax. You can lean back for extra depth too.

Like the Tight Squeeze, this position is also great to make use of our dotted condom. All our products are conveniently available in our online store.

The Cross

You should lie on your side, facing your partner. She lies on her back, perpendicular to your body, with her legs draped over the side of your pelvis. Have her press her crotch up against yours and open her legs so you can penetrate her.

You can then move back and forth, holding onto her thighs for leverage. She can also push herself closer to or further away from you, using her legs to initiate the movement. This is great for lazy Sunday afternoon sex, and another good option for taking a break in between positions. Just for that extra spice, make use of our chocolate flavoured condom or the strawberry flavoured condom.

The Snail

If you want a position that’s romantic but raw and passionate then head straight for The Snail. Trust us there’s nothing slow about it, this position is a one-track road to orgasm central. She gets the romance of being face to face but ultimately she is at your complete mercy with you controlling depth and speed.

Having her hitch her legs onto your shoulders only makes for a more intense experience as you get greater access to her G spot and she gets the freedom to explore his body.


Win-win really.

When you are following these Manforce tips for slow lovemaking, we recommend that you take it to the next level with scented candles, slow music and wine. With longer foreplays you’ll be able provide the best orgasms of your partner’s life. Make use of our wide variety of fun flavoured condoms to bring some extra heat into your lovemaking.

You can thank us later.

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