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May 27th, 2019

Texting Game: 5 Killer Ways to Spice up your Flirty Game

The technological explosions have made texting the most important communication tool in the world of dating. Pushing a few buttons on your mobile can create a fantasy world where you and your partner have the ability to do and say anything, outside the constraints. 

Texting Game: 5 Killer Ways to Spice up your Flirty Game

Besides, it can either make or break a forming relationship.

Texting games are important to increase the temperature of your relationship. There’s always something magical about getting a flirtatious message from the person you desire. Since texting and flirting go hand in hand, below are the ways which can transform your relationship into an exciting love game:


Expose your Partner with “Never have I ever”

The objective of this game is to expose the dirty secrets of each other, in a funnier way. In order to play this game, you should lay down some rules on how you can determine if one has encountered such a situation or not. Now, take your turn and spill some beans over things you have never done in your life.


Building Blocks

“Make the horses of your imagination run as fast as possible.”
Make the horses of your imagination run as fast as possible.

Play pleasure games to entice your partner. You can start with one statement and leave it hanging for your partner to continue. When your partner will reply, then you can further add a flirty or naughty sentence to make this interesting. Also, you can add many more intimate layers to your stories without getting bored. Playing the Manforce Game of Pleasure and discussing its results in detail is another excellent way of spicing up your flirty game over texts. So, make the horses of your imagination run as fast as possible!


Confession Time

When it comes to texting, it’s important that you get personal. Give your partner a good dose of compliments. Talk about his/her beauty, personality, or the way of dealing with things. You can also give your partner a nickname. This makes your partner feel special. You can use ‘we and us’ instead of ‘me and you’ while texting. This makes texting more personal and magical.

Talk Dirty to Me

Load your texts with passion while playing with words. Let your partner know that you can’t resist his/her subtle touches. You can begin with light confessions and progress to flirty and lustful ones like discussing how you would love to explore her in different positions with the best condoms in India. Reveal your wildest fantasies and your conversation will eventually become arousing. Let every text strike a sensual zone. Besides, you can use emoticons to make your conversations more interesting.

Song Lyrics

If you’re music lovers, then your entire conversation should be a chain of your favorite lyrics. But, your conversations should be spontaneous. This game lets you reveal your true feelings in a musical way.

Bring your partner closer by mastering the art of texting. The above-mentioned games are a fun way to connect with each other. Most importantly, keep an open mind so that no one gets offended by the responses.

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