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November 15th, 2019

Sexy Confessions: 7 Things your Man wants you to Say in Bed

Transforming sexual fantasies into an erotic wordplay is a surefire way to pump up your man’s flames of passion. This wordplay can enhance his sexual prowess, boost his confidence, and make him feel special to the core.


Sexy Confessions: 7 Things your Man wants you to Say in Bed

While you and your partner are going down for some action, whispering a few erotic phrases into his ears can make all the difference. If you’re looking for some unforgettable moans of ecstasy, here is a list of sexy yet sweet confessions that will transform your man into a wild beast in bed:


I want you all!

Every man wants to feel desired, loved, and appreciated by his partner. Saying ‘I want you all’ to your man signifies urgency and burning desire within your bodily walls that can shoot up your act between the sheets. You can modify this phrase by adding extra details such as ‘I want you inside me’ to maximize the sexual impact.


Do it harder

“Do it harder like there is no tomorrow.”
Do it harder like there is no tomorrow.

Tell your man to do it harder like there is no tomorrow. This will fire up his wings of desire and ensure the wildest sex of your life. You can also use the best condoms in India to make your experience more fascinating and wilder.


You look sexy in beard

Physical compliments like ‘You look sexy in beard’ can make your man feel more attractive and special. Not only will it make him feel desired but it will also nullify any possibility of insecurities. Besides, don’t just say it, caress and play with his beard while enjoying your act of togetherness.

Show me how much you want me

Allow your man to take the reins of your pleasure into his hands. Give him the freedom and let him show you what all he can do to make you feel happy and satisfied from inside out.

This is a fantabulous orgasmic experience!

Be honest and tell your man that this is the most fantabulous orgasmic experience of your life. This signifies sexual satisfaction that can help in strengthening the pillar of your sex life.

I love the way you ride me

Tell your man how much you love the way he rides you with different sex positions. This will not only boost his sexual confidence but also make him ready for future adventures.

That was amazing! Ready for another round?

Unleash your inner lioness and confess your desire to do it again and again with your partner. This will allow him to experiment with different positions to intensify the pleasure.

Give your partner the most erotic verbal ride and take your sexual experience to another level with Manforce pleasure condoms.  

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