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February 21st, 2019

Top 10 Flavored Condoms in India

Sex is the most pleasurable act of utmost devotion. And there shouldn’t be any hindrance while performing the purest act of love. Therefore, to avoid any side-effects of love, using condoms during sexual intercourse is always recommended.

Top 10 Flavored Condoms in India

Most condoms are made out of rubber known as latex. They prevent a man’s sperms from entering into the vagina, and are successful in keeping HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) at bay. While they are effective in promoting safer sex practices, the top condom brands also manufacture different flavors to take your lovemaking to new heights.

The top 10 flavored condoms in India are listed below:



Chocolate is an aphrodisiac, which makes it tempting to both men and women. Chocolate flavored condoms give you wings and let you enter into the world of love and passion. They offer you the most intense experience and reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy.


Strawberry has always been a favorite

“Tease your partner with some fruity explosion”
Tease your partner with some fruity explosion

Strawberry is one of the most popular condom flavors around the world. It is the perfect flavor to tease your partner with some fruity explosion. Also, the extra dots on the condom will intensify your sexual experience.


Black Grapes

The sweet tangy taste of black grapes can make your sexual encounter even more exciting. Stimulating smell and the extra dots increase friction, contributing to heightened orgasm.


Hazelnuts are specialized in being sweet, buttery and crunchy. The same aroma and flavor you can find in hazelnut flavored condoms, which can drive you nuts while enjoying your favorite gameplay.

Stamina Pineapple

Pineapple is a tropical treat and often associated with sexual activity. Stamina pineapple flavored condom is perfect for your sexual thrills. You will only want to go on and on with these pineapple flavored condoms.

Stamina Pineapple

Orange flavored condoms evoke the erotic and stimulating energies which make your intimate sessions better and long lasting. 

Manforce Toffee

Lose yourself in the caramelizing world of pleasure with Manforce toffee condoms. These are half dotted and half ribbed condoms, which can make you dig deeper in the gold mines of love.

Cocktail Flavored (Strawberry & Vanilla)

A tempting union of strawberry and vanilla can smoothen your process of lovemaking. These cocktail flavored condoms with a layer of dotted rings can heighten up your sweat pleasure.

Cocktail Flavored (Chocolate & Hazelnut)

When a sinful treat mingles with some nutty explosions, then the resulting experience would be chocolusty. Melt into each other with these cocktail flavored condoms.

XXL Musk Flavored

The XXL musk flavored condoms are for those who were born for big desires. Numb her with your encore performance with these condoms. These condom flavors are created to add a magical elixir to your youthful fountain of love. To enjoy the different shades of love, you should always have at least the top 5 flavored condoms in one of your drawers.

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