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August 18th, 2021

4 habits that make a relationship healthy

A healthy relationship is almost everyone’s desire and to achieve the same, habits play a pivotal role in it. Many people have experienced that good habits result in flourishing relationships which lead to reduced stress levels, increased engagement and also gives a stronger sense of purpose.

4 habits that make a relationship healthy

Whereas, poor habits might destroy or complicate your relationship. Hence, it is essential especially for couples to develop and maintain a good connection with each other.

Let’s check out some of the most effective habits that you should incorporate in everyday life to keep your better half happy and satisfied.


Prioritize your time and show affection to your partner

Making one-on-one time a priority with your partner is one of the best habits to make them feel loved and cared for. You can also show some affectionate attitude such as a hug or a kiss at regular intervals to keep the relationship lively and beautiful.


Maintain an appealing sex life

“Sex is a secret mantra to a happy relationship”
Sex is a secret mantra to a happy relationship

Bewitch your partner with the intense nights by actively participating during the intercourse. Plan everything properly and try something new to elevate the pleasure. For a more pleasing lovemaking session, you can try different positions and condom flavours with Manforce flavoured condoms. This will help you to remain engaged physically as well emotionally by fulfilling each other's desires.


Work together as a team

Help each other in daily chores. Spend some quality time together and improve the work-life balance by talking to your partner. Develop short term and long term goals as a couple. Make sure to listen to what they want to do and provide them support. Furthermore, manage the work accordingly without neglecting your better halves. Include them in your working life as much as possible to make them understand the mental and physical pressure.

Reconnect throughout the day

Sex is a one-time affair but it solely might not keep your partner happy all the time. It is you, your bond, affection, time, etc., which makes the relationship successful. You must develop a habit to take out time for your partner. Yes, we know our lives are very busy but it is also necessary to keep in touch with your significant other to prevent any bad relationship consequences. Just a simple loving text can do wonders in the relationship.

Little efforts will definitely give you better results.


All a partner needs is love and affection in the form of healthy habits. If you ace it then you might not encounter any miscommunication, unhappy relationship, etc., with your soulmate. And, if you and your partner love to build a more physically intimate bond then you can try buying condoms from the best selling condom brand- Manforce in India.

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