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October 12th, 2018

3 Ways to Make your Sexual Life Smooth with Lubricated Condoms?

When it comes to sex, people have dark fantasies and fetishes. Though some fantasies are left unexpressed, you can fulfil other desires with your partner to build an intimate bond. 

3 Ways to Make your Sexual Life Smooth with Lubricated Condoms?

Good sex is an art which needs to be improved with practice and time to get the desired orgasms. It is more about understanding your body and needs. Here are some tips which can make your sex smoother and help you in achieving ultimate satisfaction.


Power of subtle touches

Don’t rush! Sex is not a marathon. The most erotic thing between lovers is the soft touches which send chills down the spine. Go slow and gentle in the beginning. Start with caressing and then move on to undress your lover as if you’re uncovering a piece of an exquisite art. Be aware of the body interaction with your partner. Make full use of the power of subtle touches; move her hair off her shoulder or place a hand on her thigh. Sex is all about small and intimate moments shared between two people. You should be physically and emotionally attached with your partner to build a strong bond. Additionally, the magic of eye contact always works. It is the sexy thing which helps build intimacy and connection because eyes express more emotions than words and actions. 


Lubricate without guilt

“The wetter the better”
The wetter the better

A good sex is based on the principle, “the wetter the better”. Although your body automatically produces lubrication when aroused, natural lubrication can still be hard to achieve. There are other physical and mental factors that play a major role in how wet or dry a woman gets during sex. For smooth sex, making her comfortable should be your top priority, and only then she can be all yours. When having vaginal or anal sex, the area can sometimes be very dry which may lead to disappointment. Using lubrication can moisten those areas, allowing for proper stretching of the skin and tissue during penetration. Water-based lubricants go well with lubricated condoms for relishing an orgasm-loaded experience. 


Experiment new things

Each one of you is unique. What turns one person on may not turn another. Making each other happy is a never-ending war which requires good chemistry and constant efforts. To be sexy forever, you should experiment new things inside or outside of your bedroom such as sex toys, try sex at different places, etc. During your expedition of experiments, don’t forget to carry latex condoms for your safety. 

Not only is personal lubrication between couples necessary in terms of safety, it also enhances sexual experience. You can try Manforce lubricated condoms during sexual intercourse to fulfil your wildest fantasies. 

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