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May 22nd, 2019

A Few Words that can ignite your Sexual Experience

Words are powerful and can be a great aphrodisiac for your partner. They can make your partner feel wanted, desired, and sexy - all at the same time.

A Few Words that can ignite your Sexual Experience

Having great sex is the key to happiness and satisfaction. It can be magnetic and euphoric, if you really know what your partner wants in bed. Below are a few things which you can say to your partner and make your session even more magical:


Everything is in the name

Calling out or whispering your partner’s name when you’re in the throes of passion is a great form of seduction. It can make your lover feel wanted and special. You can go close to your partner’s face and brush his/her skin with your lips while making love. This can increase intimacy between you and your partner.


You feel out of the world

“Tell your woman that you’re feeling out of this world with whatever she is doing to you.”
Tell your woman that you’re feeling out of this world with whatever she is doing to you.

Your woman loves to be complimented on her prowess in the bedroom. Therefore, appreciate her body and how it reacts to your touch can intensify your sexual hunger. During sexual intercourse, talk to your woman and tell her that you’re feeling out of this world with whatever she is doing to you. You can be as naughty or clean as you like with your language.


Are you wet?

It takes a lot of effort to make a woman wet. A woman’s arousal starts in the brain, therefore referencing her wetness before she is fully aroused can help produce the desired result. You should always consider setting the mood before she’s ready for penetration. Make her crazy in bed with different types of flavored condoms.

I want you

It is important to let your partner know that you want him/her. Therefore, you shouldn’t be shy about expressing your true desires. Start verbalizing your desire by saying, ‘I want you bad at this very moment’. Telling your partner that you want him/her can enhance your sexual experience and help in getting things heated up. Fulfil your sexual desires with Manforce latex condoms.

Playing with the word ‘Come’

‘Come’ is a word loaded with erotic potential. It simultaneously conveys many signals such as pleasure, desire, orgasm, and loss of control. You can easily tease your partner with this word. Also, you can play with orgasm control; say to your partner that you are not allowed to orgasm at this moment. Playing with the word ‘come’ in power dynamics can change the gameplay.

Whether you are the silent type or someone who expresses his/her heart out, the above-mentioned words can surely ignite your sexual experience.

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