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Technology has crept in every aspect of our life. From memory to memory cards, keeping one’s intimate moments on smartphones is extremely prevalent amongst today’s couples, leading to incidents of blackmail and insinuation, most of them ironically, by ex-partners. The situation only worsens for the victim, once such content starts floating on the internet. Your safety is in your hands. Don’t wait for things to turn ugly. Report the matter at the first place under section 66E, 67, 67A & 67B immediately and yes, always indulge in safe sex with your partner and #ShutThePhoneUp.

Shut the phone up

Know The Laws. Know Your Strength

Section 66E*

With this powerful law on your side, no one can even think of violating your privacy. It’s only unfortunate that even in today’s information age people are unaware of this vital information. Share this message with those who you think are in the need. Awareness is power, spread it. #ShutThePhoneUp

Section 67*

Under this section, forwarding any kind of obscene content is a punishable crime. Forwarding obscene content is also a form of harassment. There are many people who fall victim to these practices. If you, or anyone that you know are on the receiving end, then wait no more, report the matter now. Spread the awareness and #ShutThePhoneUp

Section 67A*

They will stop sending it, if you stop receiving it. Under this section, transmitting or publishing any kind of sexually explicit content is punishable crime. So, next time the said content shows up in your notification. Report the matter and help the society to put an end to menace. Spread the awareness and #ShutThePhoneUp

Section 67B*

Reporting for sex crimes is not easy for the victims, it gets even difficult when the victims are innocent children. This heinous crime has to stop at any cost. This law gives you the power to put those perpetrators behind the bars who create or spread such content. Spread the awareness and #ShutThePhoneUp

*The Information Technology Act, 2000

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