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Step up to the next level of love. Weave the bond of love and spice up things without any distractions in between.

Try Manforce Ultra Feel, India’s thinnest-flavoured condom. It’s so thin that you feel - Nothing is in Between!

Ultra feel

Ultra feel

Lovemaking sessions should always be distraction-free and give the feeling of a natural connection. The intimacy session should be fascinating along with protection from unwanted pregnancy, STIs and STDs. Manforce Condoms has come up with a new range of Ultra Feel Condoms that are designed to give you a natural feel so that you can enjoy the warmth of direct connection.

Inflate your horizon of intercourse with these bubble gum flavoured super-thin condoms. Its thickness measures only 0.5mm. These well-lubricated condoms will provide you with immense pleasure and let you feel like nothing is in between you and your partner’s bond. So, enjoy all those naughty touches with pleasing frictions and ultimate pleasure.

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Do ultra thin condoms break easily?

Ultra thin condoms are specially designed in laboratories after several electronical tests. Furthermore, they come with /the credibility of ISO/ ISO certification to substantiate the quality assurance of the product.

Do ultra thin condoms feel better?

Ultra thin condoms are an excellent addition to having sultry and sensational intimate moments. They not only help you feel the warmth of your partner as they are super thin, but are comfortable to wear in intimate sessions.

What are ultra thin condoms?

Who doesn’t love to feel the sensitivity of their partner during a lovemaking session Ultra-thin condoms are the key to achieving this ultimate desire for pleasure. They are super thin and soft to help you go on an adventurous ride with naughty touches.

Are ultra-thin condoms safe?

Undoubtedly, ultra thin condoms are made from high-quality latex and are produced after several standardized checks for optimum protection against STIs and unwanted pregnancies.

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