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Does size matter?

Size doesn’t matter when both of you work as a team. You can get the best of orgasms, if you know what and how to do. So what if you are not genetically blessed? Make up for the size with stamina and sexpertise. Let there be “oohs” and “aahs”, regardless the size.

How different does sex feel with a Condom?

Well, it might feel different, if you just think of it as a Condom. Think of it as ‘Fundom’, an accessory, if you will, and you can get the answer for your question. A condom is your ticket to the land of pleasure, where there is no STDs, no STIs, where you can experiment without fear. Simply put, it’s hygienic. It reduces risk. You would be safe and yes, you would get the maximum pleasure with the condom on.

Condoms add to the fun and enrich your sex life. Several studies have proven that sex with condom is equally as good as without one. So why take chances?

Go ahead and use a condom every time you want to fornicate because that’s the basic etiquette.

Can a condom provide protection from STDs & STIs?

Yes, that’s the prime purpose of a condom. A condom is known to be one of the most effective ways of preventing HIV and many other STDs as well as STIs like HIV, HPV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Herpes, etc., as long as it covers the sores.

What is the right way of using a condom?

Nothing gladdens us more than a sensible question like this. Kudos to you for not condomplating. Here’s what you need to do:

For the P:

Put it on, once you are hard. Pull back the foreskin in case of no circumcision.

Pinch the condom’s tip to leave some space for it to catch the semen; and unroll it all the way to the end of your manhood.

Hold the condom’s rim & pull out while you are still hard, to avoid spilling.

PS: Biting and scratching the condom will lead to breakage.

Are two condoms better than one?

From being sceptical about using one to thinking about using two, you have come a long way. Bravo, ladies and gentlemen! However, using two condoms together, simultaneously, is not advised.

How to prevent STDs & STIs during anal sex?

It’s a tricky territory to eye but, if you have got them on their knees and ready for it, do not conquer without a condom. Since, the walls of the rectum & anus are quite thin and have multiple blood vessels, which are exposed to injury during anal sex, the risk of bacterial infection gets higher. To ensure that you or your partner do not become the breeding ground for the aforementioned bacteria, use a condom & lubricant. This will reduce the chance of tissue-tearing & will give you the complete freedom to sexplore.

Can a condom be used underwater?

Seems like you love to make the most of ‘anytime, anywhere’. Submerged sex is thrilling and sensual and surely you are in for a world-rocking orgasm. To have a funderwater session, just put the condom on before you ‘get in’ as the risk of STDs & STIs is equal, whether doing it inside or outside the water. Make the move and get wet, before you get wetter.

Can I reuse a condom?

No seriously, where do you guys get such ideas from? You have so many things to think about, but reusing a condom shouldn’t be one. Two things – 1.) A motto you should definitely have – Feel fresh, use a new condom, every time you have sex, 2.) We have a wide range of flavoured condoms. You have got multiple options, so why think of reusing a condom.

What is a dotted condom?

When you want to stir the passion to an intense level and say indirectly, “I am going to take you for a ride”, that’s when you use a dotted condom. Sensation-booster and excitement-enhancer, a dotted condom comes with a dots-like pattern, creating extra friction and evoking simulation for maximized sexual response and pleasure.

What is a ribbed condom?

Ribbed condoms are another option to turn a normal session to a sextravaganza. These have small raised ridges on them running around the condom’s circumference that work wonders for creating clitoral stimulation.