Top 4 Facts About Condoms That You Must Know

  • Published on December 29, 2021
  • 15 minutes read
Top 4 Facts About Condoms That You Must Know

Condoms play a vital role during sexual intercourse. It creates a physical barrier between the genitals to prevent infection and transmission of fluids from one person to another. In addition, condoms add pleasure and intimacy to a sexual relationship.

Almost every couple use condoms for protection and to spice things up under the sheets. Flavoured, dotted, ultrafeel condoms are the different types of condoms available in the market to suit physical needs. However, due to a lack of awareness and prevailing misconceptions, couples tend to develop misunderstandings about contraceptives and commit several mistakes.

For efficient usage and desired results, you have to use condoms correctly with proper knowledge of the same. This way you can easily achieve climax while enjoying the benefits of condoms to ace up your game.

Here are some important facts about condoms that you must be aware of.

Condoms prevent most STDs

Condoms are one of the most effective preventive measure for sexually transmitted diseases. It is worn on male genitalia to curb the transmission. They are clinically tested, standardized to provide multifold protection and safety from catching infections during and after the intercourse. Besides, they are the most efficient sex accessories to avert unwanted health issues and intensify intimate sessions.

Condoms lead to pleasurable sex

Condoms lead to pleasurable sex
"Condoms make lovemaking sessions more intense and pleasurable."

Many people feel that putting on a condom reduces the excitement and pleasure bar of their sexual intercourse. However, condoms do not hamper sex life. So, put this myth about condoms usage and pleasurability to bed, freely use them to unravel the most engaging sex with your partner.

Double-bagging reduces condom efficiency

Though it may sound right, double-bagging does not signify more protection. Instead, practicing double-bagging will only make condoms less effective. When two condoms are applied together, this results in more friction that increases the chances of breakage. Not only should you use one condom at a time, pairing a male condom with a female one will result in no less than creating complications.

Condoms must be stored in a cool and dry place

Whether it is an ultrathin, dotted or flavoured condom, every condom should be stored in a cool and dry atmosphere. Direct sunlight and sharp objects are also harmful to the built material of the product. Hence, try to keep the contraceptive away from these to prevent its damage. Some people carry it in their pockets and wallets, which is again not an ideal method of condoms storage. Hence, make sure to keep it in the right place to prevent it from being disfigured.

Along with the above-mentioned facts, condom quality is strictly regulated, they are sized to fit and there are other facts to consider while using them. Moreover, you should not compromise on the product’s quality and go for branded contraceptives like Manforce Condoms. There is a wide range of condoms for the constant endeavour to elevate pleasure with protection in every lovemaking session.

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